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About us

We, that is Marten Hillmann (Master of Horse Management and state-certified agricultural manager), his wife Iris Hillmann (professional rider FN) as well as two trainees and the senior Dieter Hillmann.

Our farm is located in the middle of the two horse strongholds Verden and Vechta and was originally an agricultural business with arable farming and pig fattening. Since 2005 we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to horse breeding, rearing, training and sales. 

Our horses have plenty of room to grow and thrive on approximately 30 acres of grassland. We produce the majority of our high quality hay ourselves.

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Our Team

Marten Hillmann and his wife Iris take care of the breeding, rearing, training and marketing of the horses. 

Dieter Hillmann, the senior, helps where he can, keeps the lawn short and takes care of the horse laundry.


Together with our trainees, we intensively take care of the well-being of our approximately 60 horses, which also includes the varied training of our four-legged sales offers.


We are always there for our customers and strive to offer them a suitable sport and/or leisure partner with factually sound advice. 

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